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       jaeger watch notice, Beijing jaeger maintenance service center for you to explain. jaeger watch should be paid attention to when using. If it is easy to avoid problems, in order to make the use of jaeger watch longer, we should timely maintain the jaeger watch. Let Beijing jaeger maintenance center tell you something to pay attention to when using the jaeger watch.


       When using every day, pay attention to keep away from hard and cutting-edge objects, and try to avoid falling and hitting during intense exercise. Not all precious metals such as the case, the strap is gold, in fact, because of the texture of the gold is too soft, it is not suitable for use as a case. Red watch is also called rose gold watch. It should be kept away from all kinds of chemicals in daily use, and the surface dirt and dust should be wiped with dry cloth in time. Change the watch regularly. It is recommended to go to the regular Beijing jaeger maintenance center every 2-3 years or so to check the various performances of the watch in time.



       When you buy a new one, you need to screw the handle manually, whether it is manual or automatic. Because the automatic chain of the integrator watch moves by the wrist arm, the hair bar becomes tighter, so wear the watch for at least 8 hours. Generally speaking, the battery time of jaeger watch is about 40 hours, and it needs to be turned 18 times to ensure the normal operation of jaeger watch.


       Generally speaking, our cumulants watch will not wait until it is not moved when the wristwatch is put on, so it can be turned for more than 18 laps. If the strap is completely loose, it can be turned for more than 20 turns, which will cause resistance when it is turned.


       No matter how protective performance of our jaeger watch, we should pay attention to avoid contacting excessive water. In the face washing, washing hands, rainy days and other occasions, we should put the watch in proper position. Whether it is a diving meter or not, it is not recommended to take the water meter to the place where the sauna is steamed, especially in places with high temperature difference and humid and hot. If your jaeger watch is not needed for the time being, and it needs to be replaced regularly, you can go to the regular Beijing jaeger maintenance center once a month.


       jaeger watches are packed when they are bought. We don't have to throw them away. We can put them in them when we take them off to protect them. They should not be placed on some desktops or beds. If they are accidentally encountered, some injuries will be caused. If there are any problems, please consult Beijing jaeger maintenance center

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